Biohazard cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup Services

What do you do when you encounter a biohazard on your property? Maybe a tenant died in an apartment building you own, or perhaps you discovered a dead animal on your grounds. Or maybe your property has been contaminated by a virus. In situations like these, you need biohazard cleanup services.

This post will explain exactly what biohazard cleanup services are and why they are important. We will explain what is included, how they work, and top companies offering hazmat cleaning.

What is Biohazard Cleaning?

Biohazard cleanup services are professional services that are dedicated to removing biological hazards, also called “hazardous materials” or “hazmats,” from your property.

The CDC classifies hazardous materials into Levels 1-4. Level 1 hazards are only mildly hazardous. Those that are Level 2 and up are far more significantly harmful.

Examples of hazardous materials include:

  • Medical waste
  • Bodily fluids
  • Dead bodies
  • Fungi
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

Biological waste like this can pose a significant danger to human health. If you handle this type of waste incorrectly, you can harm yourself and others.

Why Do You Need Professional Hazmat Cleaning Services?

Here are just a few reasons to hire professional biohazard cleanup services instead of trying to dispose of the hazardous materials on your property yourself:

  • Avoid exposing yourself and your workers. Do not risk contracting a disease or your workers getting sick or dying. Professional cleaners know how to handle hazardous materials with minimal risk to themselves, unlike your staff.
  • Prevent unintentional spread. If you improperly handle and dispose of infected materials, you could end up spreading dangerous fungi, bacteria or viruses. Worse, you might not even realize you are doing it, and be unaware of just how extensive the hazard has become. Professionals can prevent this from happening.
  • Disinfect properly. After removing hazardous waste, you need to disinfect your grounds before they are safe. Professional cleaners will ensure that every surface is fully decontaminated. Just as important, they have the technology to test to make sure that the job is really done.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement. At a crime scene, police and detectives need to be able to do their work. A professional cleaning service will be able to work appropriately with law enforcement officials to ensure that cleaning is done without disturbing or destroying evidence.
  • Show empathy. After a traumatic incident like a crime, it is vital to show respect for the survivors. Professional cleaners are trained to do their work in a compassionate way. By doing so, they can avoid worsening the survivors’ trauma, and may even be able to help them heal.
  • Spare yourself from the emotional toll of cleaning biohazards. It is harder than you might think to clean up in the wake of a crime scene, suicide or other death. Instead of putting yourself through that and developing trauma (or worsening the trauma you might already have), leave it up to the pros who are used to dealing with this kind of thing.

Situations Where You Might Need Hazmat Cleaning

Here are some scenarios where you might need to call in a professional team to clean up hazardous materials:

  • A crime scene
  • A suicide
  • A death
  • Anywhere you find blood or another bodily fluid
  • Where chemical waste has spilled
  • Where there has been contamination by a pathogen (i.e. COVID-19)
  • Where you find a dead animal
  • Where conditions have been unclean for a long time (say, for example, when cleaning out an estate where the previous owner did not keep their home clean and hygienic)

Basically, anywhere there is hazardous waste to dispose of or contaminated surfaces that need cleaning, it makes sense to bring in biohazard cleaning pros.

How to Become a Biohazard Cleaner

biohazard cleaning services

You might be curious how one becomes a biohazard cleaner, perhaps because you are still wondering if you can DIY the job, or you are wondering how to properly evaluate a cleaning service.

A professional biohazard cleaner does not require certification. That said, training in the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is required by OSHA. Certain states (namely California and Florida) also have permit requirements.

So, this is not something you can be ready to do in a matter of days—or hours, as is often necessary. The safe and legal thing to do is always to call a biohazard cleaning crew.

What is Included in Biohazard Cleaning Services?

Next, you are probably wondering what the biohazard cleanup crew will actually do when they arrive on the scene.

The exact process and services rendered will depend on the situation, but usually will entail the following:

1. When the crew arrives, they will conduct a thorough assessment.

2. Steps will be taken to contain the situation and prevent cross-contamination.

3. Next, the crew will remove and properly dispose of all hazardous materials. That means they will get rid of dead bodies, body parts, bodily fluids, chemicals, and so forth.

4. Once the hazardous materials have been disposed of, the job is far from done. Now the cleaning crew will proceed to thoroughly disinfect and clean the premises so that no possible contamination remains. During this stage, the team will also deodorize the area to finish removing any unwanted odors.

5. Finally, biohazard cleanup protocols require that nothing be left to chance. Just because there are no visible signs of contamination, that does not guarantee that surfaces are truly clean and safe. That is why the last step is to test to make sure that the premises are truly free of all contaminants. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) technology can be used for this verification process.

When you contact a cleaning service, you can ask them to describe their approach in detail for your specific scenario.

Through the entire process, the crew will follow OSHA’s guidelines and utilize professional equipment and practices to ensure the safety of all involved. They will also treat all persons and property on the scene with the utmost respect and empathy.

Top Biohazard Cleanup Companies

Now that you have a stronger understanding of the importance of professional biohazard cleanup services, we can take a look at some top companies that can help you safely remove hazardous materials from your grounds and disinfect your property.

1. PRO Housekeepers

This company has been featured on HGTV, NBC News, and in other prominent media and publications, so you may have heard of them. They offer their biohazard cleaning services nationwide, making them an excellent choice regardless of your location.

They provide residential cleaning and COVID-19 disinfection as well, making them a one-stop shop for all your cleaning needs.

2. PuroClean

PuroClean refers to their company as “The Paramedics of Property Damage.” This tagline references their 24/7 availability, making them an excellent rapid response option for when you need hazardous waste cleared out fast.

Along with their speed, other selling points include EPA-registered cleaning products and an emphasis on empathy. So, not only are they a great choice when you need clean up fast, but they also are worth considering if you require cleaning in the wake of a traumatic episode (i.e. a violent crime).

3. ServPro

We have previously recommended ServPro Industries LLC for their fantastic restoration services. We can also recommend them for hazmat cleanup. With 1,700 franchises throughout the US and Canada, it is easy to find a ServPro location near you.

Like PuroClean, ServPro provides service 24/7, so they are there when you need them fast. Because they also handle restoration cleaning, we especially recommend you use them in situations where you could benefit from both of these services rolled together.

4. Aftermath

As you might guess from their name, Aftermath is a company that specializes in cleaning up after traumatic situations such as deaths and violent crimes. They provide nationwide services from more than 60 regional offices. They often work directly with law enforcement, but also take on commercial clients.

Get Experienced Hazmat Cleanup Services Now

When you are faced with a biohazard, it is not worth risking your health or that of your staff, residents or visitors. Hiring a professional hazmat cleanup crew protects everyone on your premises and prevents further contamination or spread of pathogens. To get the biohazard cleanup services you need now, click on any of the links in this post.