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Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washers

Are you shopping for a reliable, powerful pressure washer to use around the home? If so, you might consider one of the Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washers.

In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the Sun Joe SPX3000 as well as the upgraded SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM. We will tell you what you can expect from these pressure washers in terms of performance, ease of use and more. We also will take a look at what buyers are saying about their experiences. That way, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether to buy one of the Sun Joe SPX3000 family of products.

Here is a quick demo video:

Two Sun Joe Pressure Washer Models: Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM        

Sun Joe SPX3000

  • 2030 max PSI
  • 1.76 GPM
  • 14.5 amps/1800 watts
  • Corded electric
  • 35-foot cord
  • 24.3 pounds
  • Two onboard tanks
  • Total Stop System (TSS)
  • Five quick-connect nozzles
  • Can purchase with spray wand


  • 2200 max PSI
  • 1.65 GPM
  • 13 amps
  • Corded electric
  • 35-foot cord
  • 24.3 pounds
  • Two onboard tanks
  • TTS
  • Four quick-connect nozzles
  • 34-inch spray wand

Let’s take a look at the basic specs and features for the Sun Joe SPX3000 and the SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM.                                                                                   

You will notice that the Sun Joe SPX3000 actually boasts higher gallons per minute (GPM). Nonetheless, the SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM has a higher maximum pound-force per square inch (PSI).

Given how similar these specs are, you may be wondering what justifies the higher price point for the XTREAM model.

Here is how the company describes the differences between the two models in its own words:

“The SPX3000® XTREAM is a modern update to our fan-favorite SPX3000® with exclusive XTREAM Triple-Action Cleaning Power (XTREAM Foaming, XTREAM Cleaning and XTREAM Rinsing) to really fight dirty! New features include more power (2200 MAX PSI at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing) to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs, a superior build for enhanced durability (including a 20-ft steel-reinforced high-pressure hose, full-size brass fittings, all-metal connections and a stainless steel lance), and a built-in foamer cannon.”

So, if you want the built-in foamer cannon, more durable design, higher PSI, and XTREAM Triple-Action Cleaning Power, it makes sense to spend a little extra on the XTREAM.

Getting Started with the Sun Joe SPX3000 Series

We are pleased to report that setup is quick and easy regardless of whether you purchase the Sun Joe SPX3000 or the SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM.

You will need to do a little initial assembly work, but it shouldn’t take most users more than half an hour or so to be ready to use their new electric pressure washer.

Power and Performance

Sun Joe SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM

The Sun Joe SPX3000 Series is designed for light to medium residential jobs, not for heavy-duty jobs. For most people who just need to do some fast and effective cleaning around the home and yard, either of these pressure washers should fit the bill. That means you can use these pressure washers for tasks like:

  • Washing sidewalks and driveways
  • Cleaning fences and decks
  • Cleaning your gutters
  • Rinsing off vehicles
  • Washing outdoor furnishings
  • Cleaning your siding
  • Etc.

The use cases for both of these products are more or less the same. But with the higher pressure you get with the XTREAM version of the product, you may find that some of these jobs get done more quickly with less effort.

Another thing to note about the XTREAM is that you can spray up to 15 feet with it. So, you may discover you can cover a wider area faster or reach spots you would not be able to with the basic Sun Joe SPX3000, which only sprays around 6 feet.

That said, if you want to clean the second floor of a building, you are still going to need to get on a ladder, regardless of which model you choose.

Something else that is important to know about the SPX3000 series is that the PSI you see listed is the maximum. To get that maximum, you must be using the smallest nozzle included with your purchase.

That means that the maximum pressure is really only available for smaller jobs that require fine detail, not for larger jobs.

Ease of Use and Overall Design

Both of these electric pressure washers are lightweight and easy to move around thanks to their large wheels. They are not too bulky either, which makes it easy to store them between uses.

Whichever model you purchase, you will receive multiple nozzles that are ideal for different jobs. They are “quick connect” nozzles, so they attach and detach rapidly. The dual tank design also lets you put two different types of detergents/rinses in the washer at a time. You can switch effortlessly between them as you work.

Additional features for safety and convenience include a trigger lock, onboard storage area, total stop system (TSS – see the section below on noise levels) and useful accessories.

What About Noise Levels?

One thing that is not so great about either of these Sun Joe pressure washers is the level of noise they produce, which can exceed 80 decibels if you are standing right beside them. So, you may want to wear ear plugs when you work.

Thankfully, these pressure washers do not produce this noise constantly. They only make noise when you are actively holding down the trigger and using them. When they are idle, they make no noise at all, thanks to the inclusion of a TSS (this is different from what you would be dealing with if you had a gas-powered model).

Not only does the TSS feature spare you from unwanted noise, but it also helps save power and increase the longevity of your pressure washer.

sun joe pressure washers

Sun Joe SPX3000


What are Customers Saying in Sun Joe Pressure Washer Reviews?

On the whole, reviews of the SPX3000 as well as the SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM are overwhelmingly positive.

Customers are satisfied with the pressure produced by the Sun Joe washers, especially considering they are electric and not gas-powered. They also praise how quick it is to get them set up (the instruction manuals are very clear), and how versatile they are. While it is tempting to think you always want as much pressure as possible for every surface, the reality is that too much pressure can damage a lot of residential surfaces. These pressure washers are producing just the right amount for most jobs around the home—enough to get the job done easily, while also protecting surfaces.

Do customers have any complaints about Sun Joe SPX3000 series pressure washers? A few buyers have mentioned that they can be leaky, but usually this is just the result of not tightening the connections after unboxing the units.

Buyers also sometimes complain that the PSI does not always seem to be quite as high as the specs claim. As we mentioned earlier, this will definitely be the case if you are using the larger attachments. Regardless, the real-life pressure output of these washers is sufficient for most residential cleaning jobs.

Also, one drawback specifically for the foam cannon on the SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM is that it does not actually produce all that much foam. That said, your mileage may vary. Some users are perfectly happy with it.

Pros of the Sun Joe SPX3000 Series:

  • The Sun Joe SPX3000 and SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM pack enough power to quickly do most residential cleaning jobs without damaging surfaces.
  • These products are well-made with attention to detail in their construction—especially the XTREAM. They should last you many years with proper care. And as electrical models, they require little in the way of maintenance.
  • Being able to put two types of cleaning agents in the dual tank system saves time and effort. The included nozzle sets are easy to use and add to the versatility of the pressure washers.
  • Both models are lightweight and feature excellent portability.
  • You can get a good reach with either model, but especially with the XTREAM.
  • Although these pressure washers are noisy, they only make noise when you are pushing the trigger.
  • TSS, onboard storage, a trigger lock and other handy features add to the convenience and ease-of-use of your pressure washer.

Cons of the Sun Joe SPX3000 Series:

  • Sometimes connections can loosen during shipping, causing leaks. But you can easily tighten them back up and stop the leaks.
  • The PSI when you are using the Sun Jose SPX3000 may not meet your expectations in real life, but it should still be adequate for most jobs at home.
  • The foam cannon on the SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM could be better.

Final Verdict

Could the Sun Joe SPX3000 be the best residential pressure washer? It comes pretty close—especially the XTREAM version of the product.

If you are on a tight budget, we would recommend going ahead and buying the basic SPX3000. It is a high quality pressure washer that is easy to use and which offers a great bang for your buck.

But if you can swing the extra cost for the SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM, we recommend that be your purchase. The foam cannon may not live up to every buyer’s expectations, but the 15-foot reach, the higher PSI, and the extra durable build more than justify the higher price point.

Where to Buy Sun Joe Pressure Washers

Sun Joe SPX3000


If you are ready to get the Sun Joe SPX3000 or SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM electric pressure washer now, click the link below. Before you know it, your outdoor spaces will be sparkling clean.