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200HT Dehumidifier, Phoenix


200HT Dehumidifier, Phoenix AC235

Phoenix 200 HT LGR Dehumidifier

First of High Temperature LGR Dehumidifier Performance

Phoenix Restoration Equipment is pleased to introduce the new Phoenix 200 HT, the first LGR dehumidifier designed for high temperature performance.

The Phoenix 200 HT features patent pending technology that results in superior high-ambient temperature performance (increased water removal up through 120°F). In addition to the high temperature improvements, the Phoenix 200 HT meets or exceeds the performance of the original Phoenix 200 MAX under normal conditions.

The Phoenix 200 HT features downward focused exhaust airflow which direct heat toward the floor, a raised based that improves drying directly under the dehumidifier, recessed condensate hose, in-board wheels, increased airflow with higher static pressure and an improved skid plate design.

$2879 In stock