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Mark Cornelius Mark Cornelius

Mark Cornelius currently instructs IICRC approved AMRT, WRT, SFRT, OCT, CCT, OSH A 10 /30 safety and his own Trauma/BioHazard cleanup classes. With a passion for learning and sharing knowledge , he became an IICRC approved instructor in 2007. He has traveled the US and Canada teaching hundreds of students a year. Mark also is a contract consultant for one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the US working on multimillion dollar projects all over the US. Mark founded EMTA in 2014 and wrote his own clas s curriculums/presentations with safety being chapter one.

Uniquely qualified - IICRC certified triple master - Entered the industry in 1982 - 35 + years experience - founded Disaster Recovery Indus tries, Inc. in 2001 - Active in the field with over 20+ mo ld remediation jobs in 2017. Current volunteer NPQ 1 Fire Fighter - EMT Intermediate - NPQ level 1 fire instructor.

Mark is also one of the first in the world to hold the ANSI accredited IICRC MRS (Mold Remediation S pecialist) certification and served on t he b eta testing team of the exam process.